Born in Osaka, Japan, 1971. Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates was established in ’99 after studying architecture at AA School in London. He is known for his first work, “time & space house” – a sectional plotted ‘single’ house, “SOYA” - renovation project to design the process of taking down a restaurant in five-year span. In others, “D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT” – conversion project of a long-life recycle store designed to explore the way of preserving architecture in the area. “The University of Tokyo Space Lab” – environmental wood architecture designed using thinned wood, located inside The University of Tokyo. Moreover, He has been active and even earned numerous international competition prizes held overseas, such as London, NY, Beijing, and others. His Design Proposals are highly recognized for focusing on experimental concepts. Awards inside the country as follows; Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Association Annual Grand Prize, AIJ(Architectural Institute of Japan)Annual Architectural Design Commendation, JCD(Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association)Design Award Semi Grand Award, JID(Japan Interior Architects / Designer's Association)Award, RCC(Architecture Reform, Renewal, Conversion)Grand Prize, JDP(Japan Institute of Design Promotion)Good Design Award and others. In foreign countries; Grand Designs Awards(England), Innovative Architecture International Architectural Award(Italy), German Award (Germany) , Wood Architecture Award ( North America ) and more. He received over 70 awards in 10 countries. Exhibition held in ‘09 at the National Museum of Art Osaka (Japan), exhibited in ’14 Venice Biennale (Italy). Currently, He leads Non-Profit Government / Art & Architect Festa (NPO/AAF) .

Brief history

1971 born in Osaka
1999 established Hs WorkShop-ASIA
2009 established Kohki Hiranuma Architect & Associates

Main winning prizes history ( Main Works )

2002 Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations Annual Grand Prize ( time & Space house )
2003 Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association(JCD) JCD Design Award Semi Grand Award ( SOYA )
2004 England / Grand Designs Awards ( D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT )
2005 Innovative Architecture International Architectural Award(Italy) ( House for everybody )
2006 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, Chief of Housing Department Award ( Laminated House )
2007 BEST SYORE OF YEAR JAPAN, Excellent prize ( aiwest office )
2008 The Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan,Encouragement Award(Tokai branch Chief) ( arco STORE )
2009 Architectural Institute of Japan(AIJ), Annual Architectural Design Commendation ( “Space Lab” the University of Tokyo )
2014 German Award (Germany ) , Special Mention ( glastecture "air flows there." )
2015 Wood Architecture Award(North America ), Winner Citation ( Timber Dentistry )

Main exhibitions ( main Kohki Hiranuma exhibitions )

2007 Samsung Museum / Seoul, Korea
2008 King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Thonburi / Bangkok, Thai
2009 National Museum of Art / Osaka, Japan
2014 International Architecture Exhibition - Venice Biennale / Venice, Italy