Space Lab, The University of Tokyo arco store aiwest office lamination HOUSE D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT OSAKA beans dining SOYA House for Everybody Time & Space House Building type melting to nature Green hill The open space of shadow Natural work space focus light Eco pair A drop of the life 
Wave Mask ROLL LIGHT / desk roll soft stripe Elevated promenade with observatory anonymous tree arch city Soft jelly The house destroyed completely water sign Floating cherry blossom nature size hthe KAMAKURA h water slit renovate skin unit chair ambiguous region of various temperature natural colors invisible noise material sheet square link Water Pavilion sound of space hbankh Soil miller mix art with nature CREATOR'S SOUP shell drums upon chair / upon sofa nyocci slopesofa knit into the urban The appearance of gprivateh in gpublich House on sloped land building + MASK Ecode Garretspace slight CHANEL OXO museum of no room 33CREATOR'S WORKS INSTALLATION Mimihara Health center for the elderly